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france on first arriving in france - driving
france highest, longest in the world – the viaduct de millau
france what a haircut! *updated*
ecology using earthshine to improve understanding of global warming Three and a half GoldenYak (tm) award
ecology global dimming! is dust countering global warming?
ecology humans dumping plastic in the seas Two GoldenYak (tm) award
ecology uk move to conservation by improved building standards
oil how vulnerable are saudi oil supplies?
oil oil crunch reaches the national geographic
oil ghawar is dying—a very serious bumper sticker Three and a half GoldenYak (tm) award
behaviour who buys suvs? safety perception and reality
intelligence how not to analysise data - by yourself
behaviour nightingales break noise abatement statutes
news-lite wetland ecology and disease
news-lite virus to fight hiv virus?
news-lite grand dreams and wasted time sacrificed to the boob toob
technology-lite noise cancellation technology for digital phones
news-lite nanotech moving forward
news-lite con trails on usa land warming
health “The evidence is sufficient to infer a causal relationship between active smoking and....”
fun a true bonfire of the vanities
fun name your pet rabbit
fun impressive pic
fun on bourgeois marriage
fun american grasshoppers under attack - save the children
fun competition: be n°1 google hit with nonsense
energy pimentel claims america could cut energy use by cutting subsidies to big oil
energy lovelock comes out for nuclear power—calls greens ‘irrational’
energy capturing more solar energy
politics bush transcript on normalisation of irak
politics the steadily growing power of the blogs
politics another straightforward sane item on irak
politics thank god for american optimism in the face of tired european defeatism
politics american government uses 114 year old law to facilitate illegal trade
politics reasoned discussion on current iraq situation—why are there not more like this?
politics someone cares—when lunatics put a price on your head
politics fisking reuter bias
politics our wonderful uno—annan’s dubious record
politics child ‘protection’ by the state —perverse incentives
politics authoritarianism and liberty
civil rights echr rules in favour of free speech against french state
economics a perfect market—marbles at dragon
economics on the uk economy
economics china is victorian england—the guttering end to the marxist holocaust
technology how fireworks work
science evidence growing of second extinction linked to meteor impact
science learning from nature – whales, caterpillars and flounders
science coming soon, twice in our life-time – a venus transit
technology walt mossberg—prime tech guru Three GoldenYak (tm) award
science supposed ‘junk’ dna; but the more is known, the more is seen how little is known
science hydrogen production via ‘artificial’ photosynthesis
technology digital cameras bypass official channels
technology skype and phoning via the net Four GoldenYak (tm) award
science advance in solar cell physics
science star wars inches forward—laser destroys larger rocket
science stonehenge in new zealand!
fundamentalism popular film in iran expresses dissent
fundamentalism on french attempts to deal with islamist loons
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