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fun keep on halloweening! - xavier
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fun king oil! - i liked this
fun 3-d pavement art - something to behold!

for very sad people
upgrading google to succeed with google

fun remaking the world - t.a.s.
fun latest moral panic - should the clown ban the zip-up hoodie?
ecology yet another fossil fuel disaster, this time in the uk - filth pumped into atmosphere, but is it worse than chernobyl?
ecology on the recent un report on environmental pressure
ecology radical technological change at the tokyo motor show
ecology atmospheric carbon rising faster from varying mechanisms
ecology “i earn a living fronting an organization that kills 1,200 people a day”
ecology arctic ice shrink
ecology lomborg and fruit flies
news-lite china’s industrial expansion starting to take its toll
news-lite we have ways of making you feel queer....
civil liberties yesterday there was a rather foolish item in the groaniad on which i proffered comment; now...
civil liberties cameron on national security, and an amusing article on brown, the empty suit
politics further comments to yesterday’s item: lying ‘new’ labour trying to spin their failure of house supply
politics real house prices double under ‘new’ labour - clown continues to destroy living standards in britain
politics dysfunctional brown clown seeks ever more micro-control over government
politics unfolding chaos under brown the clown
politics another example of ‘unbelievable’ dishonesty from the leftist media, reporting on sanchez’ speech
politics borrow still and borrow - wider still and wider - deeper still and deeper, brown clown digs britain’s hole
politics on honesty and integrity, taking the example of the new uk prime minister
politics pork barrel and self-interest in the us motor market
politics more of the clown’s pretend greenery
behaviour and intelligence on the character of david cameron, uk conservative opposition leader
behaviour and intelligence ebay auction: high bid for ‘limbaugh’ letter reaches $2.1 million
behaviour and intelligence education colorado style, in the country that dominates nobel prizes - “the Leave Every Child Behind Act”
behaviour and intelligence on marriage and commitment
behaviour and intelligence on politicians, with particular reference to the uk
behaviour and intelligence modern china: boys for sale - to order, £650 a head
behaviour and intelligence necessity is the mother of all invention - t.a.s.
science and technology comet flares - now naked eye visible in northern hemisphere - xavier
science and technology magnificent flying machines
science and technology franklin’s panegyric to the microscope - t.a.s.
science and technology matter state, predicted in 1946, now manufactured
business and markets the end of the carbon age
health obesity and exercise
health nhs under tories> 1000 cases a year; under the lying clown> 55,681 in 2006 - and that’s just one problem
briefings new: arctic melting ice, sea levels
economics the clown is lying about public finances, as usual - understanding the lying uk government theft
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