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headlines for november 2004

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another lot fight for freedom - ukraine

politics every week that goes by my respect for america grows
politics fallujah as part of a greater story
politics think very carefully on the between-the-lines implications of this
politics the new wave of politically active blogs
politics why millions of decent people came out to vote for anyone but kerry
politics political legitimacy—a neat clean statement
fun a chess curiosity - chess book rejected by an oregon prison
fun mandarin, tangerine, clementine, satsuma - are they different?
fun they're all mad i tell you—$100,000 (so far) for the holy toast
science do not multiply entities without case: ockham - explanatory note added at reader request
science running on water
science update 2 scramjet test successful - new speed record
science update ion-propelled craft now in moon orbit
science NASA scramjet breaks sky speed record -
update delayed til tomorrow
science robot maintenance will prolong life of hubble telescope
science ion-propelled craft gently nears the moon
behaviour marine morale 'sky high' - the real fallujah
behaviour computers start to challenge humans in yet another speciality: art authentication
behaviour crowding and charity
behaviour the generosity of lefties
behaviour post-election selection trauma (PEST)
behaviour and now fossil media cbs starts to whine
behaviour drug pushers
ecology fears for water and food supplies in asia as planet warms
ecology eu destruction of african fisheries cited regarding extending bush meat destruction
ecology death of the glaciers and a half Three GoldenYak (tm) award
ecology sustainable manufacture draft
ecology mercedes smart car—a summary
fundamentalism will you please stop posting news like this - it upsets the socialists
briefing document new tragedy of the commons
briefing document psycho-bunk 6—‘traumatic’ ‘syndromes’ or ‘curing’ P.E.S.Ts
news-lite sorting pistachios
news-lite do you think this is hairy-kairy?
news-lite review of a new book on cosmology that just might be interesting
news-lite moving to sustainable local energy generation
energy photovoltaic installations growing from a low base under subsidies in usa
energy time to make up a law about it—energy ratings
energy time to make up a law about it—energy ratings
civil liberties britain's new enabling act
civil liberties the right to protest
france updated as the opening day nears:
highest, longest: the viaduct de millau
france Le Pallet, birthplace of Pierre Abelard
reviews a pychobabble defensive manual Four GoldenYak (tm) award
business & markets uranium prices rising
business & markets new topic class
bp claims solar division now profitable after 30 years
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