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headlines for december 2004

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politics happy new year, ukraine - welcome to the free world!




politics on the growing interdependence of the usa and china
politics updated once again rumsfeld looks sloppy. is he a weak link? illustration included
politics "if there is ‘choice on earth’, i’ll bet on jesusland......" illustration included
politics the road to peace in israel/palestine goes through baghdad
politics straight-shooting bush lays it on the line
politics once again rumsfeld looks sloppy. is he a weak link? illustration included
politics dioxins - update for yushenko poisoned
politics surrounded? "They've got us right where we want them. We can shoot in every direction now."
politics people power can work [Xavier]
politics why does france act as it does in the world arena?
politics more from the ukraine: second round vote cancelled and other updates
politics more from the ukraine: yushenko poisoned illustration included
ecology europe's politicians continue to destroy cod stocks for politics and profit
ecology destroyer toad invasion now closing in on darwin
ecology growing moves to declare ocean reserves
ecology green ratings - energy efficiency in buildingsThree and a half GoldenYak (tm) award
news-lite you can't watch electrons? well you can now, sort of
news-lite playing with brain chemicals
news-lite revolving building in curitiba, brazil illustration included
news-lite continuous process solar cells
science tsunamis travel fast but not at infinite speed illustration included
update 5: developed as illustrated briefing document
science electric armour
science martian rover car-wash
science the geminids are coming!
science radio-active contraband smuggling
fun a quick history of go
fun asimov: the feeling of power, 1957
fun chess: a collection of art over 700 years / bobbie fischer offered refuge
fun half mile high building - well, almost illustration included
fun come fly balloons [Xavier] illustration included
civil liberties with 12,000 observers, freedom installs in ukraine illustration included
civil liberties UK freedom of information: bliar orders emails be destroyed
civil liberties government white elephants
civil liberties the british and their freedoms
civil liberties interesting campaigning at the auroran sunset site
alternative energies forget bush and kyoto rejection - watch the states and the corporations
alternative energies in a small way, germany starts acting for substitute energy production illustration included
alternative energies bit by bit the awful truth seeps under the door
energy important new government energy report from the usa
alternative energies one of the most important jobs in the world goes to unknown
behaviour and intelligence who owns the child?
• hampshire jobsworths seem to believe they do
• religious fanatics
behaviour and intelligence why are we here?
behaviour and intelligence ritalin: now for adults
behaviour and intelligence the shame of oldnewold labour - education, education, education reneges again
behaviour and intelligence alicia markova, probably the greatest ballerina of all, is no longer with us
behaviour and intelligence little picture story with notes - being a geiko (geisha)
updated - now with photo illustration included
behaviour and intelligence new oecd education standards assessment. britain: no figures submitted!
behaviour & intelligence the fossil media is dying
behaviour & intelligence the open society: china's socialist dictators try desperately to keep the lid on pandora's box
behaviour & intelligence uk government policy discussion - who owns the child?
health what is 'the freedom initiative'?
briefings documents updated distributed energy systems and micro-generation
briefings documents the unhealthy relationship between ‘science’ and funding
briefing document new the anthropic principle, or what if the universe was not the way it is
web technology zone at searching on the net
the world of fundamentalism al-jaz is a zionist plot says mad iraniac
business & markets wind power players
ethics i note the usual dorks are now whining about ukraine; meanwhile the un is sinking in scandal
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