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fun trees to marvel at
fun opening update: skywalk, grand canyon - xavier
fun israelis produce real-life dalek
fun skywalk, grand canyon - update March 2007 - xavier
fun examples of space between the ears
civil liberties engineers’ report on surveillance, privacy and social trust
alternative energies wind-powered twin towers
alternative energies the advance and advance of wind power in spain
alternative energies costing a house for photovoltaic panels
alternative energies biofuels in conflict and development: the viability of ethanol and cellulosic ethanol
alternative energies how much energy from the sun do we receive on earth?
including “the practicality of photovoltaic generation for london
alternative energies document encapsulating much of the dream behind the eu reductions of co2
(part 4 of related items discussing eu alternative energy policies)
alternative energies bio-fuels are not a panacea
alternative energies cellulosic bio-fuel advances another step
health rise up and walk....
health using tile cleaner to reduce the appearance of aging - xavier
ecology blasting for coal
ecology medieval warming, the atlantic conveyor and “the maunder minimum”
ecology cap and trade - pollution credits
ecology maybe your last chance to see a blue whale - on your computer - xavier
ecology saving energy in fridges
ecology for those scaredy cats who believe green policies are the crack of doom
ecology ice cores

updated: energy hog gore - democrat hypocrisy on conspicuous display

ecology old russia turns over in energy sleep
politics bush’s push going rather well, thank you - t.a.s
politics reality and the deniers: “global warming is not happening,” they say Four GoldenYak(tm) award
politics congressional democrats turn to bribery and corruption in their ongoing attempts to lose in iraq - t.a.s
politics education apartheid under the liar and the clown
politics latest news on the iraq ‘disaster’ - t.a.s
politics ‘law’ in the uk under the liar and the clown
politics fuel inefficient cars, a worldwide disgrace - t.a.s
politics ‘russia’ finally getting fed up with iran
politics raving pr nonsense from the eu on energy - you are being lied to by bliar and his mates
politics growing clash between german lefties and france
politics more socialist lies and meddling around schools - lotteries
behaviour and intelligence more riots in paris, socialists try to bury their heads - t.a.s Four and a half GoldenYak(tm) award
behaviour and intelligence stopping pollution by stopping over-population
behaviour and intelligence kites don’t kill people, people kill people! - t.a.s
behaviour and intelligence i am amused by the growing wars among christianist and economic fundies on anthropogenic global warming
behaviour and intelligence update: vocabulary count test now added to reading test and related information
behaviour and intelligence new: Reading and vocabulary tests, and related information
briefings new: how atmospheric chemistry and physics effect global warming
only when it’s pretty 29: cherry blossom - t.a.s
science and technology expanded and developed: geological timeline
now with eons, eras, periods and epochs - origins of these geological classifications, and their etymologies
science and technology constructal theory
news-lite more filthy fossil fuels availability claimed by oil giants
news-lite new in science
briefings photovoltaics (solar cells)
new sub-document in energy briefing documents
economics fascinating analysis of the us economy
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