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headlines for june 2008

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economics equality pay - a fundamental economic error
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economics and money zone
economics are gas (petrol) prices really so inelastic?
civil liberties even wedgewood benn comes out against ‘new’ labour and for david davis!
civil liberties voters: no, no, no - but euro-politicians: ignore that
politics usa extreme foolishness from us environmental protection agency - halt solar energy
politics usa barack obama finally quits his church
politics uk how socialism destroys the economy, the example of car fuel
politics uk inside the surreal spaghetti world of cult socialism
politics uk

‘new’ labour - going cheap to the highest bidder, but still overpriced

politics uk socialist mps squabbling over their pocket money as the government and country burns
politics uk another lefty who is awaking to the clown’s foolishness
politics uk the clown is going to build trillions of houses - house building plunges to 60 year low
politics uk the clammy hand of the clown’s socialist state slips stealthily around the throat of britain
politics eu sarkozy blaming mandleson for not bribing the irish sufficiently
alternative energies wind technology is more flexible than other land-use technologies
alternative energies solar cell investments to reach parity with semiconductor industry by 2010
alternative energies page much updated: dodgy report on sugar cane crop insect attack
alternative energies at last, realism starts to emerge - “the world would need to build dozens of nuclear power plants a year...”
alternative energies motoring economics usa - second-hand hybrids rising in price
behaviour and intelligence about time too - spain is first country to give basic legal rights to your jungle relations
behaviour and intelligence the weakness of a power-mad dictator
behaviour and intelligence religious communities are driven by sexual advantages
behaviour and intelligence
behaviour and intelligence ghost bikes
behaviour and intelligence perhaps you have to be socialist to understand - the courageous coward
fun the modern age - no ability needed, or wanted
fun but, but I don’t want to buy vista
contributed by a.n.walker
fun the sums on killing germs - hey, someone is trying to sell me dettol
fun make two pounds worth of oil a day in your backyard - a snip at only 69,000 euros start-up price
news-lite global warming > less ice > less krill > less whales
news-lite globally, is there is enough land?
news-lite high claims for innovative automotive transmission system
science and technology quick as a flash
science and technology the cloak of silence - diverting sound waves
water already pressures on food supplies - aquifers falling fast, populations rising

pickens believes peak oil is upon us: “when the demand is greater than the supply, the price has to go up until it kills demand”

ecology corporate food
ecology plug-in points in london
ecology measuring temperatures - differences in method led to differences in temperature
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france new: Carcassonne on the A61 - world heritage fortified city
france new: Pic du Midi, A64: multi-telescope observatory
useless facts from 1924 - progress 84 years later?
health mobile phones
politics usa
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