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ecology china embarrasses the posturers by bringing their ‘emissions’ debate down to earth
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ecology new briefing document: gathering data to test global warming
ecology on the real filth and destruction of the fossil fuel industry
ecology updated: greece on fire
ecology how to annoy watermelons - the logic is that, for efficiency, the advanced world should pay to reduce third world pollution
ecology james hansen on jesters (useful fools) and irresponsible ceos
ecology on the chinese ‘miracle’
ecology on bee colony collapse
ecology the alternative kyoto is powering ahead
ecology agw - local system models increasingly melded with planetary models
ecology ice within arctic circle continues to shrinkFour GoldenYak (tm) award
ecology tracking and measuring global warming is not as easy as cribbage
ecology illegal marijuana growers trashing wilderness sites
ecology average life expectation of china’s big city traffic cops - 43 years
ecology raising more questions than it answers - on brown clouds over asia
science and technology the state of robotics art - t.a.s.
science and technology very big numbers for space anniversary - xavier
technology software for detecting image manipulation - t.a.s.
technology on ‘improving’ photos - believing what you see
fun and about time too! - controlling reincarnation
fun neat educational toy: wind-powered car kit
fun fun on the net - microsoft demos and ceo blogs - t.a.s.
fun protecting yourself in the clown’s socialist paradise
fun fun trucks
fun slideshow of new uk warhol exhibition
fun on sunspot activity and republicans elected to senate
fun good advice - t-shirt
fun ministry of silly walks on the pak-india border
fun uncovered - secret bush plot to confuse leftists
fun an urban alphabet - xavier
fun slake your filthy lust on these aesthetic beings - “i really struggle with bodily fluids”, she said
fun looking for that very special gift for your favorite dork? seek no further
france rouen cathedral plan and dimensions, with interesting facts
alternative energies running your car on water
alternative energies cellulosic bugs
alternative energies storing hydrogen in liquids
alternative energies clown brown’s filth government evades responsibility again, while china moves on clean nuclear power
alternative energies i haven’t seen this combination-type roof previously - part of a solar home
alternative energies various additions to photovoltaics (solar cells) briefing document - concentrators, silicon and dyes
behaviour and intelligence updated: lecture on excellent net-accessible graphing utility: watch the world getting better Five GoldenYak (tm) award - t.a.s.
behaviour and intelligence interesting international comparative study of engineering students
behaviour and intelligence on them and us
behaviour and intelligence the current school and university exam system
behaviour and intelligence new: Donald Rumsfeld – selected quotations
behaviour and intelligence the planet’s most advanced culture - by far
behaviour and intelligence abelard anti-darwin award - now here's a fellow who thinks clearly and effectively
behaviour and intelligence new: reasoning errors, empathy, attention and concentration
politics on gun crime in the uk - how civil order breaks down
politics on fossil media reporting
politics george bush’s speech on iraq
politics trust us, we’re the fossil media - t.a.s.
politics giuliani’s foreign policy - t.a.s.
politics carving up the oceans
politics libya - yes we torture, yes we blackmail,but it‘s your fault
politics ‘new’ labour putting uk troops and iraq at increasing risk for political considerations
politics ‘democrat’s’ and other socialists’ increasing desperation to lose in iraq
news-lite google earth goes into space - who lives there? - t.a.s.
news-lite bee sight pics - pretty
news-lite new ways to make that vehicle go
health uk health service - the current reality
health particulate pollution by laser printers in the office
business and markets china’s fake industry - t.a.s.
economics distrust leading to illiquidity
economics e-gold explained - interview with one of the founders This document includes .mp3 sound files
civil liberties freedom in america - t.a.s.
civil liberties test town in china for citizen surveillance and control - xavier
click for the technology zone at abelard.org customising your homepage on your computer
the world of fundamentalism mark steyn on the vanishing jihad exposé
the world of fundamentalism very major jihadist recants - allegedly
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