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27 May 2007
only when it’s pretty 31: french roadside flowers - abelard
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business and markets new billion dollar fund to concentrate on ‘alternative’ energy, and the return of nuclear power
france updated: cathedrals 1: rouen and monet
with many illustrations
france the 6th bridge at Rouen: Pont Gustave Flaubert, new vertical lift bridge - xavier
politics the anger of the left - the war on the individual - face
politics bush on global warming
politics what the media doesn’t point out
politics france finally has a leader - t.a.s
politics the clown’s [brown] control freak britain
politics no portillo - for all his faults, it was socialist johnny who made bliar
politics “there is a reason why i have been using this ridiculous, high-falutin language.” letwin
politics more dishonesty from the left-wing fossil groaniad
politics france’s segolene royale: her socialist meltdown
behaviour and intelligence old.new.old’s idea of ‘education’ - violent britain
behaviour and intelligence which is more dangerous - a dog, or a parent?
behaviour and intelligence on defining ‘god’
alternative energies even the groaniad and the socialist labour party start to bend to reality - nuclear power
alternative energies energy—the stone age didn’t end because it ran out of stones
alternative energies keeping a sense of balance with ‘alternative energy’
civil liberties sp.eye in the sky to join sp.eyes in the street - xavier
ecology going green, american style - part 2
ecology notes on twenty-six moonbat claims on climate
ecology going green, american style
ecology briefing document new: antarctica melting ice, sea levels, water and weather implications
ecology satellite image of trawlers destroying the sea bed off the yangze
fun mocking security theatre - t.a.s
fun hilarious wind-up of the moonbats

new-style car saves on tyres

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economics (just some of) the lying nonsense spun by gordon brown the clown over the bank of england
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