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behaviour and intelligence correlation - a little knowledge is dangerous
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behaviour and intelligence elephant paintings
- from the auroran sunset
news-lite speculative: claimed new fuel-cell battery combination - which i don’t fully get!
news-lite alleged solar thermal concentrator
news-lite attempt at another form of concentrator for pv cells
news-lite on bird relationships
politics uk tory report (policy) on the clown’s dependency society
politics usa every day i hear the right wing extremists whining about mccain’s campaign
politics usa fascinating ploy by schwarzenegger - reduce government make-‘workers’ to the minimum wage
politics uk yet another loss for the socialist labour party - another small nail in the coffin of socialism
politics ripples of iranian paranoia increase
politics uk opposition leader’s bike stolen - who’s to blame?
politics uk ‘new’ labour panicked by cameron into reversing centralisation of power
politics uk the disgraceful secret courts and unaccountability of the ‘social’ ‘services’ continue unabaited
politics usa once again obarma makes an idiot of himself - even his ‘elitist’ leftist fossil media is giggling at him now
politics are the chinese commies finally starting to see some sense?
politics uk so much for the clown and corrupt ‘new’ labour on 42 days
politics uk police fail to be racist enough
politics uk eating and waste - enter the clown for a world record
politics uk ‘new’ labour forced to admit they’ve been lying about their record on carbon emissions
politics usa second update: bureau of land management backs down on solar energy exploration freeze
politics betancourt freed - yet another bush foreign policy triumph, socialism pushed back again
politics uk/eu the bliar/clown’s dotty biofuel claims/‘initiative’ being slapped down by sarkozy
politics usa updated: extreme foolishness from us environmental protection agency - halt solar energy
alternative energies yet another filthy fossil fuel industry disaster - 180 boats now jammed in mississippi
alternative energies pv market growth forecast - usa set to overtake germany
alternative energies on the us energy problem - boone pickens
alternative energies talk on biofuels and food
alternative energies new: the energy storage problem

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Click to go to the Tour de France 2008 page at abelard.org 22 July 2008, after the sixteenth stage - from Cuneo, Italy to Jausiers, France
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Click to go to the Tour de France 2008 page at abelard.org this year’s longest stage - british winner! first report on the 2008 tour
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ecology japanese green offices
ecology on weeds, invasive species and air carbon levels
ecology solving the population problem
ecology on camera batteries
ecology 100 km to the litre, limited edition volkswagon - cost about 25,000 euros
ecology on driving 10,000 miles a year
science and technology radiation from granite counter tops
civil liberties from your information service
civil liberties ‘new’ labour tries to propagandise youth before they can think - but it’s ‘new’ labour, so it isn’t working!
economics amazing what a motivator profits can be - airline industry goes on a slimming diet
economics how america and britain handle a credit crisis
economics on oil prices
book and other reviews the history of the ubiquitous, and not so humble, potato by xavier
world of fundamentalism on leaving islam
world of fundamentalism muslims becoming disillusioned with islam
world of fundamentalism ‘new’ labour police dogs to be forced to wear boots
fun on an innovative bicycle made for two for four years - so far
politics usa
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